Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes. July 16 CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL. CRIMINAL LAW Page 1 of Lecture & Recitation Notes Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL LAW 1. June 17, Introduction to Criminal Law Q: What is. View Notes – Criminal-Law-Amurao-Notes from LAW at Jose Rizal University. CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty.

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The court pronounced judgment.

Criminal Law 2 – Amurao Notes

Restriction of freedom destierro 4. They then proceeded to the house and robbed it. For example, if you have in your mind that you will rape this beautiful lady, but you did not rape her, you will not be liable.

Husband killed paramour in conjugal room. In a prosecution for rape, by treachery and abuse of superior strength or craft, fraud, disguise- absorbed in treachery In prosecution for MURDER qualified by treachery and evident premeditation. Date was not essential.

CRIM2 Amurao Notes – For Distribution – PDF Free Download

Yes Comfort room of house? Release on Parole 6. Two days later, J executes a promissory note to assuring payment of the amount through monthly instalments.

There is no complex crime of estafa through falsification of a private document since both have the same element — damage. Found him after 3 days. Supposing, a man suddenly just stabs another person, he then began to run away because he knew he committed a crime, then as the authorities tried to catch him, as they got closer to him, he ran even faster, can he invoke insanity as an exempting circumstance? Armed with notess SW, the agents raided the lab. It applies only when crime committed is theft, estafa, or malicious mischief.


Suppose one night US military personnel went to the bar, after drinking and being so tipsy, raped a woman, which court has jurisdiction? Generic — amurxo that generally apply to anurao crimes, eg.

Upon learning, the accused hiding in Tawi-tawi surrendered to Brgy. What is a datin relationshi? Supposing, a year old, who is apparently very intelligent, commits a crime, will he be exempted from criminal liability considering the high level of intelligence of the child?

Suppose the white board was burned? Then goes home to family. If acquitted because there is no guilt beyond reasonable doubt, not acquitted in IA. What are the Elements of Self-defense? I agree to the Terms. Common law husband ask common law wife to return home. No – 2 or more – Not necessarily armed 5 persons commirtted robbery, only 3 armed. White board not an inte ral art Q: White board not an integral part Q: During the shoot-out, one robber was killed while two policemen were injured.

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Bello is an exception nites.

Casual presence of armed men already aggravating? NO, only to the one who was the target of the provocation the accused and not his brother 2.

Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes – Free Download PDF

There is no warrant of arrest. Adoptive father defended the adopted daughter?

Is X liable for estafa? NO, that person not participating shall not be liable because he did not perform any overt act; there should be an overt act to establish the participation and liability of a person Q: Only an admission of fact Accused must establish the element which is missing to prove that he is not guilty Q: No- Crime a ainst nnotes order Q: Conditional pardon – must be delivered and accepted; contract bet.

If surrendered to Australian ‘rime Minister? Not exempt-fault or negligence Tires of car already worn out? Are you liable for robbery?

No, as a general rule – Exception: Only crimes committed within the Philippine territory may be prosecuted before Ph court Q: