Angampora is an ancient martial art from Sri Lanka that has survived to I haven’t got the book yet but ordered last week through a friend in Sri Lanka. Book Description. අද වන විට ක්‍රමයෙන් වියකි යමින් පවතින අංගම්පොර සටන් කලාව පිළිබද තොරතුරු ඇතුලත් කරමින් එම සටන්. History tells us that he has written several books about it as well. This master in Angam is said to have trained all his soldiers, cavalry and other types of mounted .

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All of us wanted to work together to start our own venture because we did not fit into the profile of the regular office worker. One of the more recent indications of the art stems from bookss war torn legend of king Dutugamunu who reign in BC. However history proves that the promise was merely restricted only to the document.

Dik gutiya Cholle Tokke Len pahara. Some Sinhala combative, field and aquatic sports and games.

But invariably, each time, they were driven back. The ruins in Ellora contain some of the few remaining stone sculptures of Ravana, the mythic King of Lanka. But regardless of all that, we have come a long way as a team and overcome a lot of challenges that come with doing something novel for the first time.

The hand fighting technique known as amaraya is a step into the next level of training. With its pages and more than stunning photographs, the book aims to raise awareness internationally and locally about the last remaining vestiges of a colourful cultural legacy that shaped Sri Lankan society over the centuries. However it is fortunate that the technical aspects of angam had been documented by angam warrior clans of Sri Lankan.

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Banned in by the British, who colonised Sri Lanka for years, Angampora was a core part of Sri Lankan culture that faced a tragic and tumultuous decline. It has been a term languishing in obscurity for the last couple of centuries, often misunderstood as an urban legend; a thing of the past. Also, the history of the art is scattered around in many places in the country and abroad in museums, archaeological sites, and archives, so it is a big task to track down all these things while sticking to deadlines.

We have also had to obtain and handle horses, buffaloes, and a tusker for the shoots, and you can imagine what that must have been like.

But not as many as one would hope. As for challenges, we have had no shortage of them. With the end of the Anuradhapura kingdom init spelled the end of ancient Sri lanka and the beginning of the medieval timed period.

The British administration prohibited its practice due to the dangers posed by a civilian populace versed in a martial art, burning down any angan madu practice huts devoted to the martial art found: This master in Angam is said to have trained all his bpoks, cavalry and other types of mounted troops in the art of Angam.

Angampora practitioners claim the origins of the art span back to more than 30, years ago. However even after independence the expected revival of the art cannot be observed as the prohibition imposed by the British was continued by angampoda new rulers.

Besides that there were clans such at Kotte Clan, Ritigala Clan, Warnasuriya Clan, Padiwita Clan, and many more clans who has taken after the names of families and region where the art was well preserved with its true form and purity.

Angampora Jayagath Maraliya

A Fighting Art associated with Kings”. While at location how did you troubleshoot when you faced a challenges and are there any special moments you. One such film, Angamdirected by Anjula Rasanga Weerasinghe, explored the origins of the art through traditional folk-stories and scientific examination.


Before a practice session starts, the student is expected to meditate and offer merit to the master. Practice thrived during Sri Lanka’s medieval period when Bhuvanekabahu VI of Kotte ‘s successful campaign to conquer the Jaffna Kingdom included fighters who excelled in this art.

Angampora: A pictorial narrative of Sri Lanka’s ancient martial art

Today, this exotic hooks deadly martial art is at a critical point where it needs to reveal itself to the world at large in order to preserve a living heritage of humanity. Notify me of new posts by email.

Even now, after all these ages, certain families still have deadly Angam fighting styles names after Ravana, which specifically use pressure points to disable and eliminate ones opponents. How many locations have you covered so far and how does your journey to India fit into the picture?

University of California Press. Tracking down the leads for your story board — what were the goals and challenges that ajgampora had to face? The rights of bank deposit holders? What about commercial banks? Despite all the progress made in the Great War to develop aircraft and engines, significant issues still remained. The fabled battle of mulleriyawa in stands testament how Angam became an invaluable weapon to fend off invaders at the hands of heroic Sri Lankan warriors.

Proceeds from book sales will be directly channelled to the Korathota Angampora lineage with the hope of providing much needed financial support for the traditional Angampora practitioners who have kept this art alive through the centuries.