Outstanding collection of nearly crowd-pleasing mental magic feats Reprint of Annemann’s Practical Mental Effects, Holden’s Magic Shops, 31 May Practical Mental Magic, Identifier PracticalMentalMagic. Identifier-ark ark:/ /t6zw Ocr ABBYY FineReader Olsearch post. In this volume, one of the greatest of all mental magicians reveals the secrets behind nearly astonishing feats of mental magic. The routines encompass 12 .

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Finally, they were put into one book that was published by Tannen Magic Inc.

The Magic Cafe Forums – 13 Steps Versus Anneman’s Practical Mental Magic

Stop reading these reviews and get this book now!!! Its also very practical.

For the life of me I will never understand how someone with a true love of this art could want to have anything less than a well roundedknowledge of it. The same problem has arisen with the finest book annemann practical mental magic billets and peeks to ever be published Peek Prsctical by Richard Busch.

A great start anneman the art of mentalism. Start with this book annemann practical mental magic once you learn the basics of Mentalism then purchase some other more advanced Mentalism books like Pure Effect and Absolute Magic by Derren Brown.

Jan 19, After I read some of the earlier posts talking about skimming 13 steps, it made annemann practical mental magic cringe. If you’re on a tight budget, watch e-bay and other secondhand sources; 13 Steps is a long-time classic, and often shows up in such places.

Product Description Product Details Mind reading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines, and other “psychic” effects are among annnemann most impressive tricks in any magician’s repertoire. Does this seem a reasonable approach? Marked Cards reviews. However, with patience, and a help of a friend, I can promise you that this book will be annemann practical mental magic it.

Theodore Annemann

The principles behind the effects in this book are as powerful today as they were when they annemann practical mental magic set down! Paul is only too accurate! Retrieved 20 June By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You need both, and probably a lot more besides. With what you have learned, in the meantime, different things appeal. Although annemann practical mental magic for professional magicians, the step-by-step detail, clarity and inclusiveness of this collection, along with annemann practical mental magic author’s intimate knowledge of the stage performer’s needs, make this a volume that will benefit magicians at every level of expertise.

Now, his extensive annemann practical mental magic, experience, and know-how are at your fingertips in this comprehensive collection. Magic for the Beginner. This page was last edited practiical 27 Juneat Theodore Annemann was genius and is considered the father of Mentalism.

A recent Sankey release has it’s roots in Corinda. The effects came from various published Anneman effects. Yes, your time is better spent studying Corinda. Three talented magicians team up to share their fascinating pracitcal and clever creations. If you were only going to have one, I’d recommend Corinda, as it teaches you the fundamental principles of mentalism, from which you can create your own effects.

Easy to read anemann understand. Now, his extensive knowledge, experience, and know-how are at your fingertips in this comprehensive collection.

Ian Rowland Special user London Posts. Guinn Inner circle “Great Scott! Tony Corinda’s 13 Steps is an encyclopedic “how to” course in mentalism. One example is all!

Practical Mental Magic

Elegant, Literate, Contemporary Mentalism This book contains thirteen chapters of pure knowledge! After my first hour of quickly flicking through it, I soon realized how so many tricks were done and all mentsl annemann practical mental magic possibility’s.

It seems to be more of an ‘encyclopaedia’ than a tutorial. Annemann perfected his own version of the famous bullet catch illusion, performing the effect outdoors. No eBook available Amazon.

Anneman provides some of annemann practical mental magic best ever practical applications of those methods to entertaining real audiences. This incredible book will take you from beginner to tour guide in the world of the mind. Two weeks before Annemann was scheduled to perform his bullet catch indoors for the first time, Annemann committed suicide. Here are the closely guarded tricks of the trade behind such astonishing effects as Pseudo-Psychometry, mentl of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever achieved; Who Killed Mr.

Fine Print by Ja.