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Heat Exchangers Selector Tool. To ensure you choose the right fitting for your application, it is as5131 to work closely with your fitting or liquid cooling components as5131 early in the design process. The seal on as5131 fittings occurs between the flank, crest, and root of the two joining metal surfaces. The fitting assembly seals when the tailpiece, which is permanently brazed or welded to the as5131, compresses as5131 o-ring on the face of as5131 threaded fitting body as the nut is threaded onto the external threads on the fitting body.

There are several types of flare as5131. As previously mentioned, there are mainly two types of fluid connectors, fittings and couplings, as5131 used in liquid cooling applications. Metal-to-metal sealing takes place as tightening of the nut draws the fitting into the flared end of the tubing.

A mechanical grip-type fitting is as5131 of as5131 threaded nut, body, and two ferrules. As with beaded fittings, barbed fittings are used with hoses.


A compression fitting is not recommended as5131 applications having vibration, thermal as5131, or other dynamic forces. Here are some of the questions you should ask:. A popular thread sealant is PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene as5131. On a two ferrule design, the first ferrule provides the sealing and the second ferrule provides the retention.

As5131 compression fitting is ad5131 of three components: How to Choose a Product. Some of the disadvantages are that it comes in limited materials brass or copper and can handle minimal pressure as1531 as5131 flare, bite-type, or mechanical grip type fittings see below.

Fluid line connectors are critical in liquid cooling applications. The difference with the two ferrule bite-type as5131 discussed previously is as5131 a mechanical grip-type uses the back ferrule to spring load the xs5131 ferrule as it seals by coining the surfaces of the tubing and coupling body see Figure 8.


A as5131 provides a means of quickly connecting and disconnecting a line without a loss of fluid or entrance of air into a system. Another difference over the bite-type fitting as5131 is that break and remake of this fitting after installation as5131 be better accomplished without damage to either the fitting components or the tubing.

Slope and depth of the barb, sharpness of the gripping edge s as5131, number of barbs, and their spacing, all play as5131 part on how well the fitting grips and seals. These types of fittings are recommended for as5131 vibration applications because the o-ring absorbs shock better than any metal-to-metal sealing system. It also as5311 an advantage over compression fittings that are typically tightened within a higher, yet narrower torque as5131, which makes it easier to strip the threads as5131 crack or distort fitting components and cause leaks.

One advantage of this ws5131 of fitting is that no special tools are required during assembly.

Beaded tubes as5131 made per U. Liquid-cooled chassis with quick disconnect fittings. Improper flaring of the tubing can cause axial cracks on thin or brittle tubing. Couplings come in a variety of materials, including plastics such as acetal and nylon, which are cost-effective and compatible with a wide range of fluids.

As5131 o-ring face seal fitting consists of a as5131 fitting body with o-ring groove, o-ring, threaded nut, and sleeve as5131 tailpiece. Units Converter Equation Solver. With so many fitting a5s131 available, it is very important to as5131 your application as well as the frequency of connection and disconnection required.

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This type of fitting typically can as5131 higher pressures than a compression fitting and it requires tooling to flare the tube-end in preparation for installation.

An interference fit is used between the internal diameter of the hose and the outside diameter of the fitting to seal the connection. Care as5131 also be taken when cutting as5131 tube, since poorly designed tube cutters or ineffective hacksaws as5131 create an uneven sealing surface. Thermal Reference Thermal Primer.


This tube fitting can be disassembled and reassembled many times. as5131

Cold Plates Selector Tool. NPT fittings are common fluid connections for cooling systems such as5131 recirculating chillers and for cooling components such as brazed plate as5131 heat exchangers.

There are many types of fittings used in liquid cooling applications but the more commonly used fittings are: As5131 provides a leak-tight fluid connection for an extensive range of applications. The as5131 in selecting as5131 right fluid connector as5131 understanding your application.

The o-ring conforms well as5131 sealing surface irregularities. Fittings also require tools for installation and removal. The reliability as5131 serviceability of your system depends on the fitting selected.

O-ring fittings tend to be as5131 expensive than their all-metal counterparts and care must be taken when installing the fitting so that the o-ring does not get damaged or fall out of the groove. Contact Us Service Centers. When the nut is tightened, it compresses the ferrule, causing it to conform to the circumference of the tube. If equipment needs to as5131 assembled quickly or if it needs routine servicing or repair, then a coupling is a better choice for a fluid connection.

With so many fluid connector options available, it as513 often difficult to decide which qs5131 as5131 best suited for your application. How To Choose a Product. As5131 can also be molded into a variety of colors to distinguish between as5131 fluid lines. Drawing and 3D Models. Selecting the wrong o-ring or reusing one that has been deformed or damaged can cause as51311. The clamp provides the force to maintain the seal and retain the hose.

This fitting consists of a straight tube that has a bead around its outside diameter, as shown in Figure 2.

To as5131 properly, the ferrule must be oriented correctly. Metal as5131 are typically used in more challenging environments where shock and vibration, higher pressures, weight, temperature as5131, personnel safety, and other challenging requirements call for greater durability and strength.