Betriebsbedingung/P. Betriebsbereich/EPS. Betriebsbereitschaft. Betriebsbeschreibung/P. Betriebsbuchhalter. Betriebsdaten. Betriebsdatenerfassung. Dienstverhältnis/Q Dienstvertrag/STp Dienstvorgesetzten Dienstvorschrift/P Dienstwagen/S Dienstweg/EPT Dienstwohnung. Juli at: . dieser dem Angebot eine kurze Betriebsbeschreibung beifügen, aus.

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As the pump is self-venting, it need not be vented before start-up. This allows water from a possible venting to escape. Die Pumpen sind werkseitig auf Wechselbetrieb eingestellt, d. Disposal Disposal of this product or parts of it must be carried out according to the following guidelines: The pumps are designed to circulate liquids in heating and air-conditioning systems.

Do not start the pump until the system has been filled with liquid and betriebsbeschreibubg. Acoustic noise and detrimental voltage peaks can be reduced by fitting an LC filter between the frequency converter and the motor.

The operating voltage and frequency are marked on the pump nameplate. Switch off the electricity supply by means of the external mains switch and interchange two phases in the pump terminal box.

Fault or operating indication for twin-head pumps in standby operation: The green indicator light flashes. Alternating operation factory setting. Cause Remedy One fuse in the installation is blown. Isolationsfehler beseitigen und Schutzschalter wieder einschalten.

Before removing the terminal box cover, make sure that the electricity supply has been switched off and that it cannot be accidentally switched on. Installation Before the screws are removed, the system must be drained or the isolating valves on either side of the pump must betriebsbeschhreibung closed as the pumped liquid may be scalding hot and netriebsbeschreibung high pressure.

The electricity supply has been switched off or phase missing. Indicator light Description On The electricity supply has been switched on.


Folgende Punkte sind jedoch zu beachten: If betridbsbeschreibung signal output is to be used for fault or operating indication, an intermediate relay must be used. Systemdruck Der Systemdruck ist den Pumpenflanschen zu entnehmen.

External mains switch switched off. The selector switch of pump 2 must have been betriebsbesxhreibung to either fault or operating indication in this operating mode. Otherwise the non-return flap will close off the pump running at the lowest speed. Fault or operating indication for twin-head pumps in alternating operation: To change the nameplate position, ease the outer edge of the nameplate at the cutout with a screwdriver, turn betriebsbeschreibuny nameplate betriebseschreibung the new position and push it into place.

The thermal overload must be adjusted to the pump full-load current stated on the pump nameplate according to the speed selected, see fig.

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By means of a selector switch the signal output can be set to activation during: Never make any connections in the pump terminal box unless the electricity supply has been switched off. Twin-head pumps are fitted with a standard module or a relay module in the terminal box.

Remove the terminal box cover. The positions apply to mounting in both vertical and horizontal pipes. Use the local public or private waste collection service. Pull out the speed switch module and insert it so that the number of the required speed is visible through the window in the terminal box, see fig.

The pump must be earthed.

Figures A and B at the end of these instructions show the possible connections: The pump must be positioned so that persons cannot accidentally come into contact with hot surfaces of the pump.

Insufficient heat in some places in the heating system.

UPS серии 200

Der Stromverbrauch bei den einzelnen Drehzahlen ist dem Leistungsschild zu entnehmen. Drehzahlwahl Der Drehzahlschalter im Klemmenkasten hat drei Stellungen. For water with a bwtriebsbeschreibung degree of hardness a directcoupled TP pump is recommended. Hat der Thermoschalter die Pumpe dreimal binnen kurzer Zeit ausgeschaltet, kann die Pumpe erst nach Abschalten der Versorgungsspannung wieder eingeschaltet werden. Standby operation with pump 1 as duty pump and pump 2 as standby pump.


If the inspection screw is to be slackened, see fig.

Spezialkulturen Christiane Degenhardt

Luft in der Anlage. When changing the terminal box position of twinhead pumps, it may be necessary to remove the cable connecting the two terminal boxes.

The contactor must betrebsbeschreibung connected to the thermal switch incorporated betriebsbeschrreibung the pump, terminals T1 and T2, to protect the pump against overloading at all three speeds. Der Klemmenkasten kann wie folgt gedreht werden: Switch on the mains switch.

Die Drehzahl in den einzelnen Stellungen geht aus der nachstehenden Tabelle hervor: The green indicator light is off. Change the terminal box position as follows: Reservebetrieb mit Pumpe 2 als Betriebspumpe und Pumpe 1 als Reservepumpe. TM02 Cx. General Applications Pumped liquids Function Single-head and twin-head pumps with standard module Twin-head pumps with relay module Installation Terminal box positions Frost protection Electrical connection Single-head and twin-head pumps with standard module Twin-head pumps with relay module Frequency converter operation Start-up Speed selection Technical data Fault finding chart Single-head and twin-head pumps with standard module Twin-head betfiebsbeschreibung with relay module Disposal Thin, clean, non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids, not containing solid particles, fibres or mineral oil.