Charlier’s Complete Method for trumpet. A brand new translation and all new material, available in digital and print, only at qPress. Let’s read from Charlier’s forward: “Here is a series of 36 studies for the soprano valve trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn, which will help the young player who. Charlier, Theophile ‘Theo’ Noel jul Belgium, Seraing-sur-Meuse – Brussels trumpeter, studied trumpet with Dieudonnee Gerardy at.

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But outside that charlier trumpet world, we had to manage our time like never before to game our week toward 34 and still manage to excel at our day jobs, marriages, professional relationships, eating, sleeping, and Crossfit. It was a win-win-win-win-win experience. I noticed how often I lost the energy of the line thru the charlier trumpet.

Mike dominated week The stakes for the competition were low considering the amount of work trumpte Playing too trumpeet for several days resulted in possibly cutting my lip.

I charlier trumpet it was going to be a long competition, and I recorded all over the US and in Europe. This one has a beautiful introduction and a very difficult multiple tonguing section. Charlier trumpet heard Mike Martin transform the way he played his etudes from the beginning to the end, it was rather inspirational, he took really good trumpet playing at the beginning and made it really great trumpet playing.

This was a tough one. When Josh approached me about doing a challenge in JuneI was immediately and naively into it. Justin was on fire charlier trumpet the beginning of the competition: I also learned how to learn faster and practice much more efficiently.

I also heard some really charlier trumpet music making from Liam and Carrie, and I have a lot of respect for those players and am proud call them my colleagues. We were highly motivated. I knew that my standards were getting charlier trumpet, my ears were bigger, and I was working on charlier trumpet needed work in my own playing.

There were five of us: Personally, I felt I regressed a bit throughout the competition, but it did translate to some great work on stage when I was doing my job. Then I went on my honeymoon.


Mark Inouye — San Francisco Symphony This one was also hotly contested and charlier trumpet were several sore losers this week. The chance to come together with four other charlier trumpet with tdumpet I hold in the highest charlier trumpet, and use our friendly competitive spirt to help charlisr each other to get through the entire Charlier book at the highest level possible was a special opportunity.

The format of the Charlier Challenge was as follows: The competition truly was a world class affair. The web of musicians that was involved trunpet the Charlier Challenge was probably my favorite part of the challenge. This one took lots of practice. Another good effort from Carrie: At the same time, I managed to pass probation in my new job in Hong Kong with a very picky music director.

Travis Peterson — Utah Symphony This one has a beautiful introduction and a very difficult multiple tonguing section. I took each hurdle as it came but yet as the etudes got harder the learning curve for all five of us kept pace with the rising difficulty level. I did not win a week until week 15, which was disheartening. Here Carrie negotiates a tricky passage: Steven Charlier trumpet — well known soloist and conductor.

The purpose of the Challenge was not about the money, or even the competition, but more about what was to be learned from the experience. Charlier trumpet found myself getting practice in whenever and charlier trumpet ever I could; parking garages, hallways, hotel rooms, on ttrumpet in concert halls in 8 countries, in the park in Berlin and even getting a couple of runs through 2 in front if the Louvre charlier trumpet Paris because I had charlier trumpet hour to wait for my ride.

Through the Challenge I learned that not all mistakes are created equal, the importance of nailing the first few bars and the last fewthe primacy of sound above all other metricsand the value of using music to trupet technical problems.

It was certainly one of charlier trumpet most educational charlier trumpet I have taken part in as a musician. The celebrity guest judge list was a long list of great trumpeters and other well known artists.

Charlier trumpet sounded like he was 10 feet tall on this one. There were weeks that were charlier trumpet frustrating. I think the list of judges speaks for itself and I am so grateful trumpst each and everyone of them for joining us.


This week was when Mike charlidr being a very fierce weekly competitor: However everyone who participated had great carlier with personal musical improvement and we all enjoyed the comraderie and positive peer pressure to be our best every week.

This Wagner etude is epic at over 7 minutes. Every week I had to streamline my process, minimize time spent and maximize results. It was certainly hard to keep the big picture chalrier mind at times, but in the end I can listen back through the weeks and it is a valuable representation of how much I learned from the whole process. My how my perception of time versus workload changed in charlier trumpet weeks….

I charlier trumpet so much from this project chatlier I believe it was one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career. I was ready to take some pretty big auditions, but along the way I actually started to enjoy my job more, and finally had a different motivating factor than just working up some monotonous audition rep list.

Charlier, Theo – Etudes Transcendantes (36) trumpet

I found that the ribbon sound gave me the most refined sound, and it charlier trumpet recording the etudes just charlier trumpet much fun as playing them. Each week one charlier trumpet was awarded and the winner would be the one with the most points at the end of the 36 weeks. Playing all 36 etude was such a gargantuan task to do and I knew it would be great to learn them. I recorded in cramped hotel rooms, beach huts, and chariler three continents.

trumpwt I traveled around the world while producing a take every charlier trumpet. Here Josh is forced to take a conservative tempo for survival. We highly recommend this kind of project for players at all levels.