Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter and, excluding the B9A base pins, is 45 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type E88CC was first introduced. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8.

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The VI Version is balanced and matched, per datasheet specification, this is highest quality.

This was told to me by a retired Telefunken Ulm Employee, so I think this is very reliable information. Is your ECC88 humming or making noise? For a true happened story, read the world dahasheet NOS. The rejects were probably sold a standard 6N1P, this is normal.

E88CC Datasheet

The frame grids have generally better parameter stability, lower noise and lower hum. Interesting detail with the tube box.

All datasheey data there is, including gain, Gm, Plate impedance, grid leakage, etc, and compare it against “must be” values. The frame grid wire is so thin, when you open up a defective tube, you can not see it with the bare eye.

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Sorry, only one tube left.

Used tubes of this type generally have more hum and noise. For the rest every little detail is identical. They test all at 15mA, with grid voltage variation of less than 0,2 Volt!! Low noise version of 6N1P. Read below, how to connect the voltmeter. So all four systems of this pair are the same.

E88CC @ The Valve Museum

Large dimension ECC88, with higher dissipation. It’s an incredible datashdet at the moment. Made on Philips machines. When it writes on there “ECC88, 1 ” as you see on the picture here this means this tube was made in Germany, indicated by the number “1”.

Click for high resolution picture here. Original old blue boxes. JAN tested, for higher reliability.

JJ Electronic – E88CC / , 6DJ8 – gold

Don’t try to be Mr. Used, but look and test like new.

Please note with some not with all the print text has suffered somewhat from storage. Frame grid wires can be as thin as 10um, which is technologically speaking a masterpiece of fine mechanics. This pair has printed on the glass: Also you should try the Svetlana types 6N1P.

Order nr for a matched and balanced pair: However they bias not as trhey shouls in all circuits, and have slightly lower gain.


The negative result is, end users have to swap tubes all of the time, and desparately try to draw conclusions from this. So you think you buy E88cc, but they’re not. Only do these measurements inside your amplifier, when you e88cc experience with this.

Like this, and no other way! When frame grid tubes, we write it in the description. To give you an idea, the size of a large bacteria is 5um.

Some tubes from equipment are sometimes actually never used.

HQ tubes made for the Czech post, from the Rosnov factory Code It is not much but we have to say it. What is best, we had a small lot, and we have been able to select them all in perfectly balanced and matched pairs. Don’t trust it when a sellers offers those repeatedly for low prices. JAN was the first choice, the rest got sold commerically. Called Uf Test with Voltmeter between Pin 4 and 5.