ESTA CODE ESTABLI SHMENT CODE KHYBER PAKHTUNKHWA (REVI SED EDI TI ON) A COMPENDI UM OF LAWS, RULES AND I NSTRUCTI ONS. Estacode (Edition ) (New), A Compendium of Laws and Rules Containing Efficiency and Discipline Rules, A Manual on Travelling. See “Appeals” in Volume II, Estacode Edition, Application. ______ of Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion and Transfer) Rules to. Posts in BPS 3 to

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Rule 5 not to apply in certain cases: Till new “functional unit” are forrned in the context of Administrative Reforms, an Association may be forrned by persons borne on a specific single cadre in or under a Department.

Notwithstanding this, instances have come to the notice that un-authorised appointments to higher posts without going through the prescribed selection process or obtaining approval of the competent authority are being made by Provincial Government Departments. In any individual case the authority sanctioning the transfer may determine beforehand, in consultation with the employer, the conditions on which leave will be granted estacoode the employer.

Recruitment to the project posts shall be made on the recommendations of Selection Committees. While doing so, the authorised officer shall also forward a copy of the report of the Inquiry Officer or Inquiry Committee on the basis whereof the action is proposed to be taken.

Use of political or other influence: Eztacode witness further revealed that estacodes and allowances of personnel as well as aeronautical repairs in Kaduna were carried out from the funds that esttacode to the force.

In view of the above, it is requested to kindly provide the estaocde infonnation with documentary proof for further necessary action: This letter will take effect from Ist January, All such approaches should be made through proper channel i. Similarly, sub-rule 5 of the rule ibid, prohibits Government servants except those drawing pay in BPS 1 to 4 from accepting cash awards offered by the visiting foreign dignitaries.


PERs Quantified Score However, it appears that the above instructions have either been lost sight of or the Departments have taken a lenient view thereof.

Estacode Volume I (New)

Recently, a secret agency conducted an inquiry at the request of a Department and on the basis of its report, the Department issued show cause notice to the concemed official, and not only specifically mentioned the report of that agency but also attached copies of the enquiry report with the show cause notice, and the concerned person approached the office of the agency and put its officials in embarrassing situation.

I am directed to request you to please inform all Government servants working under your control not to accept Gifts, Cash Awards except in accordance with the prescribed procedure or tickets etc. It has been decided that a These Rules shall be equally applicable to the employees of the Provincial Govemments, autonomous bodies of Federal and Provincial Govemments and the taken-over organizations.

Date ofjoining Foreign Service 4. If their performance during probation period is not satisfactory they can be repatriated to respective parent department instead of tenninating their Services. Such reports should not be used in this fashion and while quoting the report it should only be stated that it has been reported that and source should not be quoted.

The nomenclature of the Services and posts included in the Schedule are as under: Definitions — In this Ordinance, unless there estacodde anything repugnant in the subject or context: Member 4 Administrative Secretary concerned These adjustments shall be on seniority-cum-fitness basis. Existing backlog, if any, in respect of any zone will not be carried forward and the Commission shall take a fresh start in respect of all posts under its purview.

The Civil Servants are, therefore, advised in their own interest to scrupulously observe the provisions contained in the Government Servants Conduct and Discipline Rules. The foreign employer shall also be hable for leave salary in respect of disability leave granted to the Government servant on account of a disability incurred in and through foreign Service, even though such disability manifests itself after the tennination of foreign Service.


These vacancies will be treated available again for confinnation of others w. CSR, as the case may be, be submitted to the authorized officer every three months for his information to ensure that he remains in touch with the position of the official and his case. His pay in foreign Service will not be taken into account in fixing his pay. Apart from this definition from practical point of view all posts on SNE are temporary posts and all posts converted into pennanent in Revenue Budget are pennanent posts.

The committee unanimously decided not to give any compensation in this category because of its possible abuse and misuse. Nothing in these instructions shall be construed to fetter the discretion of the Government or appointing authority to refuse to receive the deputation of any association. Member Chairman Member Member Secretary 3. This department Notification No.

As authorised by the authority. Disregard of the above instructions would be viewed seriously and may result in bringing the matter to the notice of the Prime Minister.

They shall have to stay and not be allowed to go back immediately after promotion. Public demonstration in honour of Government servants or raising of funds by them: Provided also that the appointment under this sub-rule is subject to availability of a vacancy and if more than one vacancies in different pay scales is available at a time, and the child or the widow, as the case dstacode be, possesses the qualifications making him or her Sub rule 2 of Rule- 10 substituted by Notification No.