13 Oct note: No partitioning in B.I , except DB2 (as it supports) .. What are the maximum number of partitions you can create on an InfoCube?. 9 Oct There are some differences in SAP BI while creating objects. We will see how to create InfoCube and other related Objects in SAP BI Infocube uses. 4 Apr How to create an InfoCube. 1. SAP BI 7.X FOR SMARTIES SERIES TBW10 Solution Exercise 5 Creating an InfoCube; 2. Creating an InfoCube.

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Resulting from the value range: If you create generic datasources, then you have the option of creating a delta on Calday, timestamp or numeric pointer fields this can be doc number, etc. What are the types of Repartitioning?

SAP BI: Infocube Creation Step 2 using SAP BI

Saves space by not creating Dimension Table 5. Creating Nodes and Leaves Step 4: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The same as point 2; there, the document is in the update queue, here, it is in the delta queue. What are InfoCube types?

Maintain high granularity of records. Document data from time of the delta initialization request is missing from BW. Big Data Live Projects Blog. Did you implemented RemoteCube? You can set the valuerange yourself. What is Compound Attribute? It is significantly used in uow the data.


It has Fact table at the center and is surrounded by 16 dimension tables with Master data lying outside the cube. Characteristics are levels on which reporting has to be performed. Your own How to create infocube in sap bi 7.0 should begin with a letter from A to Z and that it should be 3 to 9 characters in length. Ceeate to facilitate multi-dimensional analysis. Contact me at murmurdash fo. Python Perl Linux JavaScript.

If there is no corresponding entry for a partition in the InfoPackage dim table orphaned. What are the tools or utilities of an InfoCube?

What is High Cardinality?

Stores the data physically in the cube. However, this error was not reported to the application.

Right click ‘Dimension 1’ to assign a characteristics to Dimension 1. These are physically available in the same BW system in which they are specified or their meta data exist. Still if you need books from me, it can be done for rs extra.

how to desigh the infocube

What are Sap Defined Dimensions? So how many partitions are created after partitioning? Step 7 Select Characteristics. Maintain high cardinality information in dimensional table. If a BADI implementation alre…. Saves space by not creating Dimension Table. A newly-created document is in the update queue awaiting transmission into the delta queue.


X delta, before image. There are three deltas: A Complete how to create infocube in sap bi 7.0, B Adding partitions to an e fact table that is already partitioned and C Merging empty or almost empty partitions of an e fact table that is already partitioned 5.

If a document is entered twice from the reconstruction, it also appears twice in the set-up table. Such kind of cardinality should not be maintained in the same dimension table. Documentquantity What are the other techniques of InfoCube design alternatives.

What Is an Infocube in SAP BI/BW? How To Create One?

SQL partitioning limit issue: Step 5 Rename the Dimension as per Info object information. You can also determine how many partitions are created as a maximum on the database for the fact table of the InfoCube. Expand the node and see the screen. Data are written directly into such cubes bypassing UpdateRules 3.