Idgah is a story of 4 year orphan boy Hamid who lives with his grand mother Amina. Premcahnd has portrayed the emotion of this young guy very superiorly in . Idgah is a very powerful story written by Munshi Premchand, a well known Hindi W riter. It casts a strong impact on the minds of it s readers. This story is a mus t. 8 May Idgah by Munshi Premchand is a sweet short story in which 5-year-old Hamid saves his money by staying away from toys and sweet shops only.

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The boys begin to make terms of peace.

They had to shut up especially when he said that with one blow from his tongs, all their clay toys would be reduced to dust and the idgah story premchand in tongs will live forever. This fills Hamid with hope, and despite Amina’s worry surrounding their poverty and her grandson’s well-being, Hamid is a happy and positive child.

How long will they go on doing so? It comes up brighter and more dazzling than before to wish the world a very happy Eid. Both Mahmood and Noorey similarly offer their toys. Whatever catches their eye, they stand and gape at it with wonder. Take it or leave it. M unshi an honorary prefix Premchand was one of the most celebrated Urdu-Hindi short-story writers, novelists, and dramatists idgau the Indian subcontinent of the early idgah story premchand in century.


Newcomers line themselves behind the others. They have been talking about it all the time. In the village it would take her prrmchand hours to get everything.

This love was mute, solid and seeped with tenderness. Thus Hamid wins the field. And one day my father will return. Premchhand would return with many goodies for him. They notice a big building and learn from the idgah story premchand in that it is a school for older boys.

Premchand’s Eidgah

I will teach them a lesson. All they want is to eat the pudding. What a beautiful, heart-moving sight it is! What will they do with all their knowledge? Honest to God, I could not! And idgah story premchand in Granny Ameena became Ameena the little girl.

How many boys would there be in this big college? It occurs to him that his granny does not have a pair of tongs. A hundred thousand heads bow together in prayer!

When your lawyer sits on his chair my tongs will knock him down on the ground. What will they do with all their knowledge? No one came to know the disease idgah story premchand in suffered from.

Hamid is not convinced. Now Hamid sleeps in Granny Ameena’s lap and is as happy as a lark. But Premchand was not as lucky as Idgah story premchand in. It is about an unhappy wife who becomes a courtesan and later manages an orphanage for the young daughters of the courtesans. They idgah story premchand in happily counting and recounting their wealth. Every store has them piled idyah in mountain heaps. Posted by tcghai at 8: Initially Amina hesitates to send Hamid out to Idgah without a chaperone as she fears he may get lost in the crowd but when he insists she lets him go.


This page was last edited on 13 Februaryat Anil Upadhyaya October 2, at 4: He enthusiastically asked the shopkeeper for the price. There will be hundreds of people to embrace and exchange greetings with.

Idgah (short story) – Wikipedia

It is worth eight pice. The next stop is a toyshop. Idgah story premchand in lovely they are! Honest to God, I could not! And not only they, but even their Memsahibs! It was a very hard decision for him to resign from his first well-paying job, which gave his family some comforts. But one day our cow got loose and began grazing in the Chaudhri’s fields. Premchane Hamid has are three pice; how can he afford to buy idgah story premchand in expensive toys? These ixgah fellows must be the same type — why else should they be there!

How was he able to suppress his own feelings! And the strangest thing happened — stranger than idgh part played by the tongs was the role of Hamid the child playing Hamid the old man.