6 May Whether you’re a seasoned copywriter, a newbie or even just someone with a passing interest in advertising, John Caples’ book Tested. As it turns out, John Caples (one of the most famous copyrighters of all time) put together a list of 35 headline formulas in his book, Tested Advertising Methods. Here are all the proven selling techniques to remove the guesswork from advertising, making it a science of sure results. From writing the headline to making the.

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Managing Oneself Peter F.

Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn (1998, Paperback, Revised)

You have worked hard. I had finally discovered where so much of my own success as a copy- writer had originated. And when I get a good headline, I know that my task is nearly finished.

In answer to the question, “What will advertising be like 30 years hence? Here is the headline of an advertisement that brought excellent results: It is going to say, “Use Brand X Toothpaste”.

This method of analyzing a series of zdvertising almost always brings out one or more significant points. Or you may find that an old for- mula can be reworked into a new pattern. As if the original book wasn’t fantastic as is, Fred E. The point of all this is that what an advertisement says is more important than how it is said. The preceding ten formulas employing key words do not exhaust the list of key words you can use.

If only he had lived long enough to write a book about online marketing! These are the results that mail order houses demand and get from advertising. Other advertisers use key numbers in the coupon of their advertisements. Caples’ young son was dazzling the world of advertising.


Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples and Hahn (, Paperback, Revised) | eBay

They make one advertising dollar do the work of several dollars. On the other hand, if you use a poor headline, it doesn’t matter how hard you labor over your copy because your copy will not be read. Having discussed ten headlines, all of which were outstandingly suc- cessful in their respective fields, let us see what qualities they possess in common. An excellent book packed with hands-on, practical information. Here is the way the coupon returns looked: The headline also suggests that the method is quick and easy that results may be obtained in a single evening.

John Baenisch, Lavonne Hanshaw Art: Announce it in a big way — as in Figure 5. I wonder where this book was when I went to ad school. What you say is more important than how you say it.

I just completed my first, and it’s always fun to get inside the mind of a genius. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

I quickly learned that much of the talk abut advertising I had lis- tened to and texted in was just talk. However, it is often practical and desir- able to mention price in local newspaper ads and in local broadcast ads. If you have news, such as a new product, or a new use for an old product, be sure to get that news into your headline in a big way.

To keep the tracking — and understanding — of test results simpler, use letters rather than numbers for changes on specific ads: Tell a story with about a dozen facts in all, plus the promise of a great price and a free catalog.


It makes the reader curious to know what is wanted. The next step should be to find a scientific method of testing the real strength of the different advertisements and the various advertising media, such as publications, broadcasting, direct mail advertising, and so on. Gordon White, author of the Introduction to this fifth edition, deserves the final word.

A nationally advertised business school published an advertise- ment with this headline: Print the entire headline in the same size type. For technically sophisticated products, use an audience famil- iar with the field.

To explain the methods of testing so that you nohn determine for yourself just which headlines, appeals, illustrations, copy, and media are best for you.

Much of the materials here comes from our conversations and reminiscences throughout that time. Page 1 1 Start over Page 1 1. However because human nature hasn’t changed in eons successful advertising concepts are timeless. Finally after all that I meyhods writing.

And honestly, I couldn’t agree more: The same is true of this book. The inventive “Fine 4WD” is a sure winner too! But those headlines came from the s.