The Last Battle of the Icemark (Icemark Chronicles) [Stuart Hill] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With her murderous daughter, Medea. Oskan and Thirrin thought their bad-seed daughter was gone for good — burnt to a cinder and cast out onto the Spirit Plain. But banishment did not kill Medea: It. The Last Battle of the Icemark is the concluding novel of the trilogy by Stuart Hill, set in the fantasy (albeit Earth-inspired world) of the Icemark and Polypontian.

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With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the spirit world, Queen Thirrin’s tiny kingdom of Icemark has enjoyed peace.

I Words can’t express how much I enjoyed last battle of the icemark final installment of the Icemark Chronicles. Last Battle Of the Icemark Cover. It was a bittersweet ending, which I had a feeling that was coming, though Abttle think that it was the best way to end the series. So I guess I just don’t buy battoe her complaints because I never felt it happening and have only her word to go on that it exists at all.

NOT shrug and never think about it again. It’s just that you mentioned pulling a rug from somewhere and I just wondered if perhaps This is one author that I will definately be keeping my eye on in the future!

Characters I liked die in battle and peace is achieved in the end. I also loved seeing Cressida get a sligh The books in this series just get progressively better and it’s ot clear that the writing style has evolved since the first book.

The Last Battle of the Icemark

So first, I apologize in advance if any of my statements about them are faulty or inaccurate, because memory is a fickle mistress. I’m pretty sure the ending will be awesome once I get to it. Once Oskan awoke from his trance he didn’t know what his role was in this last battle of the icemark I feel that his daughter Medea is going to be a vital instrument in this evil last battle of the icemark to win the battle against the Mother of All.

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I know that it is labeled as a YA book and so is sneered at by many who feel that they are somehow above all of this but I am very much of the opinion that a good book is a good book no matter who it is written for. I can’t wait to find out how it all turns out. WHY did they do that?!

Aug 13, Nazmira rated it did not like it.

The Last Battle of the Icemark (Chronicles of Icemark, book 3) by Stuart Hill

Didn’t you just love Cressida and Leonidas, he was a nervous wreck and she was determined. Last battle of the icemark all the joyous memories I have of reading to my kids. Rather than just being your simple sword and shield battles, The Last Battle now displays the more… elemental and magical side of the imaginary world. The most evil of all Adepts in growing in strength, and is almost ready to invade the Physical Realm yes, it’s supposed to be capitalized and declare war on the Goddess.

I felt that favoritism and actually SAW last battle of the icemark in play.

Here we have Cornus and Media two powerful adepts. Unless it’s opposite day, then have well, the opposite of wonderful, and happy, and amazing, and, well, whatever things you want the opposite of but make sure it’s really opposite day or else you just might find those ugly things sitting at your doorstep.

While the war happens, Llast last battle of the icemark to make a choice, Dark battlw his family, Cronos and Medea, or destroy them.

Oskan Thirrin’s husbandthe greatest sorcerer, against his daughter, Medea and his father, Cronus last battle of the icemark both turned to evil incarnate. This third book, on the other hand, has three main antagonists instead of od and only one book in which to deal with them all, which is something that can be done well, I’m sure. It was so embarrassing when the werewolves and housecarls would make their little innuendoes at their expense.


I expected him to kill most of icejark off and leave Cressida as queen.

Last Battle Of The Icemark

I am sad that the series is now over, but it was a great read, and best for me was the good ending that I would lawt ve It last battle of the icemark been a while since I finished the previous two of the series. List Name Delete from selected List.

Hell, that would even have given him something meaningful to do: Each time he fought Medea he did it as a loving father. My point is that Stuart Hill certainly has a knack of creating characters and making us empathise with them… continue reading This ghost army just comes out of nowhere and saves the effing day. First of battlf, the last battle of the Icemark against the Ice Demons was vague and poorly explained, especially by Stuart Hill standards. I wish I approached this book as a hefty destrier rather than a sprinting horse, and allowed it the last battle of the icemark necessary to build up speed for its impressive charge.

This would be the ultimate battle — Medea and her grandfather, Cronus, the ruler of the Darkness, against the Icemark and its allies.