Request Motorola MC DUAL CONVERSION NARROWBAND FM RECEIVERS online from Elcodis, view and download MC pdf datasheet. Order this document by MC/D The MC/MC are the second generation of single chip, dual conversion FM communications receivers. So far, the MC seems like the best candidate. Dual conversion, + MHz setup that would allow the use of standard Hitec.

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The MC can be used with either a ceramic. The MC is designed for use mc13136 an LC mc3136 detector and has an uncommitted op amp that can be used mc13136 for an RSSI buffer or as a data comparator. See Figures 10 through 13 for additional information. Q1 — MPS 1 — I am working mc13136 a fun new project that involves a receiver. mc13136

The hunt for a FM receiver chip – RC Groups

However, they have some others I will have a look at. MC MC Figure MC datasheet and specification datasheet. Download datasheet Kb Share this page. On mc13136 MC, an external capacitor mc13136 Pins mc13136 and 14 can be used with a quad coil for slightly higher recovered audio. Copy your embed code and put on your site: All measurements mc13136 in the test circuit of Figure 1.


This eliminates at least one m13136 and IF filter, and you can use any standard or miniature single conversion crystal eg.

Tried a number of things and all just killed range. In addition, recovered audio distortion and mc13136 drive have. Bruce Abbott We want The is mc13136 no-go due to the 9v supply neded. The first mixer input impedance was measured at the pin with a network analyzer. Mc131366 makes mc13136 single conversion chips in a 20pin SSOP package 6. Mc13136 looking into that one now. Mar 26, Applications include cordless telephones.

Since adding a matching mc13136 to the RF input increases.

Datasheet «MC13136»

Comon people, someone must know of a nice chip that mc13136 in a smaller package than the MC and requires fewer mc13136 components? I need your help people Several of the other versions like the sa will go down to 2. Each device contains active transistors. Second Mixer Output Impedance. The typical recovered audio will depend on the external circuit; either the Q mc13136 the quad coil, or the RC matching network mc13136 the ceramic discriminator.

Looking mc13136 a JR fm receiver, at least 4 channel. Oct 11, MC datasheet and specification datasheet Download datasheet. Jul 02, The BA operates from 2. Mc131366 15, First Mixer Parallel Mf13136 Resistance.


Low Mc13136 Operation — 2. Major improvements in signal handling, RSSI and first oscillator operation have been made.

Mc13136 single conversion might be ok too, my real issue is making sure it is narrowband and small. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Signal Levels versus Mc13136 Input. First Mc13163 Parallel Input Capacitance.

MC Selling Leads, Price trend, MC DataSheet download, circuit diagram from

Mc3136 30, Trouble is finding a small enough IC to use, without mc13136 requiring a million external components. They are available from Digikey. I did a test-layout of the Mc13136 and mc13136 receiver is bigger than my controller!

Supply Current versus Supply Voltage.

If you use a microcontroller for mc13136 decoder, a software glitch filter can make it just as reliable as a dual conversion receiver. Mc13136 LO Buffered Output.

Mc13136 of a triple conversion system. First Mixer 3rd Order Intercept. Dual conv would also keep signal tiptop Mc13136 layout for the MC is x mil btw.