7 Nov This post has awesome oracle dba interview questions and answers to succeed in any oracle interviews. This will test your knowledge on. 7 Database Administrator Interview Questions and Answers Example: “I worked with Oracle on-premises databases in a mid-size professional services. 5 Jun Oracle interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced, Oracle interview questions pdf, Oracle online test, Oracle Jobs, oracle.

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Starting with the Introductions It is important to communicate well with everyone you meet in your search for employment.

Oracle DBA Interview Questions | DBA Questions & Answers

In addition to the online redo logs Oracle also stores archive redo logs. Oracle usually publishes a major release once a 4 year. Data loss is a high-pressure situation for a database administrator, especially if a migration project falls behind schedule.

Oracle only tracks the date that the password will expire based on when it was latest changed. Oracle supports transactions as defined by the SQL standard. May 22, at To get started, create 2 disk groups — one for data and oracle dba interview question and answer for recovery files.

You can create and rebuild indexes online. ASM filename syntax is as follows: Top 10 oracle 12c new features.

These are known as next extents. A public synonym does not belong to any schema. Queshion a user wants to log into the database, the username and password provided by the user is checked against the values stored in the database.

Top 40 oracle dba interview questions and answers

All oracle process uses the SGA to hold information. IT is used to provide uniqueness What is an incarnation number? Data Guard can be used with traditional backup, restoration, and cluster techniques to provide a high level of data protection and data availability. You are commenting using your WordPress. Changing the parameter to anv value which prevents the discovery of already mounted disks results in an error.


How do you perceive the relationship between the DBA and the development staff? There are a lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in the world. Fill oracle dba interview question and answer your details below or click oracle dba interview question and answer xnswer to log in: The data of logical database structures, such as tables and indexes, is physically stored in the datafiles allocated inherview a oracoe.

Please explain, What is the role of data guard broker and observer in the above? Physical standby database provides a physically identical copy of the primary database, with on disk database structures that are identical to the primary database on a block-for-block basis. Incarnation number distinguishes between a new file that has been created using the same file number and another file that has been deleted. I came across each and every line in it.

Subject matter knowledge Overall experience Desire to learn about trends and new solutions Example: It also contains the data dictionary table for the whole data. This avoids a hard parse each time, which saves on various locking and latching resource we use to check object existence and so on. Every Oracl database has a control file.

Data Guard maintains these standby databases as copies of the production database. With Napply itself by providing patch location and specific patch id you can apply only orwcle patch from a collection of extracted patch.

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December 19, at 2: How can you enable a trace for a session? This file also contains notes about the parameters. Oracle Products [ID You are commenting using your Facebook account. Explain any oracle dba interview question and answer problem you faced during practise or any error you ….

What is Cache Fusion? If you are not hearing it, you are missing a major opportunity. Oracle uses SCNs in control files datafile headers and redo records.

Some common commands used for creating database files are: The answer to this question is critical when evaluating a DBA candidate. Look for people who mention the specific database versions they’re familiar with, as well as a oracle dba interview question and answer explanation of their experience level with each. How would you prepare a response file?

Oracle DBA Interview Questions

An incarnation number is a part of ASM filename syntax. Hi Shanojkumar, Excellent, excellent Job!!!. Give the stages of instance startup to a usable state where normal users may access it. Intervie process is called transaction recovery.

Unlike a physical or logical standby database, a snapshot standby database does not apply the redo data that it receives. If the compatibility mode less unterview