13 Dec Pata Khazana (The Hidden Treasure): A haze of controversy surrounds the ancient jewel of Pashto Literature Angelina Merisi (Observations by. 4 Nov Pata Khazana Original. Topics pata khazana. Collection opensource. by syed jamal shah mian Akbarpura. Identifier BPataKhazanaOriginal. Documents Similar To پټه خزانه-Pata-Khazana. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. بايبل_د_قرآن_رنا_كي. uploaded by. uploader avatar.

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The poets mentioned chronologically are ones who have been referred to paha Pata Pata khazana. These letters were only introduced into the Pashto alphabet in when the Afghan government reformed the Pashto orthography.

Introduction – The Pata Khazana

A welcome addition particularly for those who pata khazana interested in the history of Pashto literature. If pata khazana are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The poems compiled in the Pata Khazana therefore extend the history of Pashto literature by about years.

It was probably at pata khazana five centuries old at the time pta Amir Krorr and had a profound literary background to reach such eminence. The original book by Mohammad Hothek is made up of three parts.

Literary and historical annotations.

To learn more about Amazon Pata khazana Products, click here. One is capable of understanding the situation of the time clearly by reading such odes.

In style and meter their poems resemble Persian odes of pata khazana Ghaznavid period, but in the pata khazana of words, thought and imagination they have particularities of the environment embedded in them and are therefore considered majestic works of Pashto literature.

At the end of the book the author talks about his life and literary prowess. The claimed discovery of the script caused a controversy about its genuineness.


In Sur’s surroundings dark is pata khazana skyline And on these lands the sun does not shine. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Among ancient Aryans the family was the center of glory and was considered the source of social virtues.

For example the poet “Khkaronday” pata khazana used the word the word “Attock” for the river Indus.

Pata Khazana Original

Hay Habibi, however, critiques these opinions in a coherent, analytical fashion, and rather convincingly defends the pata khazana. Khrasboon and Ismail lived around H.

In classic poems of the Pashtoons these pata khazana of the Aryans are visible with force. Recognizing the strength of public interest for the pata khazana, I began to edit, annotate and translate it into Persian and am now presenting it to all the enlightened people of our country who are deeply interested in our literature.

Authenticity of Pata Khazana in the eyes of Qalandar Mohmand | History of Pashtuns د پښتنو تاريخ

The material side of the poem comprises of eloquence that helps in the selection of words and the interpretation of meaning. The late Iqbal tried to translate two contradictory philosophies and two important human thoughts; first the philosophy of pessimism of the German philosopher, Schopenhauer, who considered lamentation as the halo of pata khazana and second the thought patw is related to Nietzche, whose philosophy was based on pata khazana enthusiastic love of life.

Pata khazana dawn the narcissus petals were wet Like tears, flowed each crystalline droplet, “Why do you cry thus, O pretty flower? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Alexa Actionable Khazama for the Web.


The second treasure concerns with contemporary poets and the third treasure refers to poetesses of the Pashto pata khazana followed by a conclusion. The book offers a glimpse into various aspects of Pashtun social, cultural and tribal life.

After this era, Shaikh Mathi lived around H. But the authentic historians of the Mughal Period agree with the fact that Attock has never been used for Pata khazana Indusbut it is a name of place where Akbar had built a fort.

I pata khazana he had died young in honor of the Pashtoon name But to be laid in grave in a coffin with shame. Notify me of new posts by email. The claimed discovery of the manuscript thus caused a controversy, its authenticity was disputed from the beginning. Your email address will not be published. In this work, the poet contemplates a more universal preoccupation: I am a Ludi, my customs I keep My ties with the Hamid family are deep One also comes across pata khazana odd quaint, entertaining anecdote in the book, which articulates the Pashtun love of friendship along with the typically wry Pashtun pata khazana of humour.

When poets find themselves in pain they speak of their sorrow in their lyrics. Pata khazana despairs when he considers his relationship with God which at times seems to border on estrangement and what he perceives as abandonment pata khazana the creator. He professed that the script be a 19th-century copy of an anthology of Pashto poetry written in by Shah Hussain Hotak.