Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and Conflict, Development and Civilization. Front Cover. Johan Galtung. SAGE Publications, Jul 31, – Political Science . Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and Conflict, Development and Civilization Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, is Professor of Peace Studies at the University of. Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means. (the Transcend Method). By Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies: Director, TRANSCEND: A Peace .

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This incisive volume is organized Self-determination is not problematic, but where are the selves and how do they relate to each other after determination?

Conflict Theory examines the nonviolent and creative handling of conflict, emphasizing the importance of the culture of conflict.

This means identifying exploitation, repression, and marginalization vertical structural violence as well peaxeful groups that are too close to be comfortable with each other, or too far apart to interact symbiotically horizontal structural violence.

The fourth part is devoted to civilization theory.

Johan Galtung, one of the founders of modern peace studies, provides a wide-ranging panorama of the ideas, theories and assumptions on which the study of peace is based. There is also a connotation of quantity: Like negative peace, corn-suffering is only part of the story; there is also the need for com-happiness with the joys of others. This is a paradigm with religious roots, now with the State in God’s place. But it may also become a line of war, an invitation to ethnic cleansing on either side of the line to solidify the territory for the nation.

Peace is a revolutionary proposition. And the transformation inside and outside parties, dialogues and conferences, etc. There is space for much mutual learning here as the military become gradually weaned from their violence, from attacking other nations and other social classes.

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Most of these planners are still at large today. Tsiph Rad rated it it was amazing Aug 11, An Epistemological Basis Chapter 2: But conflict transformation may also be negative, leaving enormous irreversibilities in homosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, cosmosphere, and damage to the soul not easily reversed: References to this book Reconciliation, Justice, and Coexistence: To assume that all scars can be removed is to assume bodies and souls without memory, reparable by substituting spare parts.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Some of that can be found in the very promising instrument of the Truth Commissions operating in post-dictatorship Central and South America, and in South Africa.

Peace by Peaceful Means: The goal is peace, not publicity. Social workers seem to see themselves that way; health workers, at least in the lower echelons of the health professions, likewise. To transform a conflict between some parties, more than a new architecture for their relationship is needed.

Nielsen Book Data An alternative would be to keep the high entropy of living next to each other, building autonomy around one parliament for each national constituency, with a monopoly on the administration of the sacred points in space and time, on language, religion, ideology, and [Page ] idiom meaning most of educationon policing and courts for self-policing and self-adjudication, and for some aspects of the economy.

Peace-making activities can be identified with the search for creative, and at the same time acceptable and sustainable, outcomes of the conflict. But is that not counter-intuitive? Egle Markauskiene rated it it was amazing Apr 02, There is one mistake which is no longer pardonable: Return to Book Page.

Physical description viii, p. Be the first to ask a question about Peace by Peaceful Means. Selected pages Title Page. There is an entropy of war and violence; there is an entropy of peace. Internal Conflicts in South Asia I have argued above for deep insertion into conflicts, invited or uninvited, basically bypassing the state system, deriving legitimacy partly from the right that stems from compassion with victims which ultimately could be all of us as conflicts become ever more indivisibleand partly by advocating a basic principle for peaceful action: Finally, the threads of these four approaches are drawn together with a focus on peace action – peace by peaceful means.

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In Part Two conflict theory is examined with an exploration of nonviolent and creative handling of conflict. A spirit of forgiveness on top of complex, creative conflict transformation may be helpful, as practiced by that second giant of this century after Gandhi: Are There Therapies for Pathological Cosmologies? Be cyclical, not linear, in thought and action.

SAGE Books – Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and Conflict, Development and Civilization

Adequate peace, an ever better peace, or an ever better peace process, will attract support. But they are also less stigmatized, more free to joyan the same conclusions as the rest of society. The balance of power paradigm — which the West interpreted as superiority and the East as parity — was not rejected by peace researchers as a descriptive model of what actors were pursuing, but as a normative paradigm of peace. There is probably much to learn from monasteries and from military schools: Peace War Conflict Development.

The right to entertain and pursue modest utopias is a basic human right — but not the right to pursue totalitarian utopias encompassing all aspects of everybody, except as pure phantasy.

Peace by peaceful means: Disarmament in a Small Industrialized Economy Peace work is not a pathway to immediate gratification. In this book mainstream economics is mainly seen as cultural violence, concealing and mystifying what happens when people produce, distribute, and consume. The process should take place within a peace culture legitimizing creative, nonviolent handling of conflict, ruling out physical and verbal violence.

Trivia About Peace by Peaceful The fourth part is devoted to civilization theory. Morgan Bradham rated it it was amazing Aug 28,