3 Apr Summary: An ominous, creepy thriller with a slight supernatural element. Pacily written with some atmospheric descriptions of both emotion and. This is my litterary take on the book “Possessed” by Kate Cann. I enjoyed reading the book and I hope you will pick it up and start reading!!. 26 Jan Title: Possessed Author: Kate Cann Genre: YA Paranormal Publication Date: February 1, Format: Hardcover, Pages ISBN

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Although it is possible to read this book without re In this sequel to Possessed, Rayne is recovering possessed kate cann the harrowing experiences of the last few weeks. But there’s something upstairs. I felt possessed kate cann sequel moved at a much quicker pace than the first book and was more detailed in regard to the historical context of the keep and the secrets surrounding it. I never could tell what anyone was hiding and why they pkssessed afraid to clue Rayne in.

Sep 04, TheBookSmugglers rated it liked it. She had no idea if the men were possesssed — the cracking, crashing noise of her flight covered any sound they may have made.

Review Praise for Possessed “[A]tmospheric and deliciously chilling. I probably possessed kate cann remember to go looking for any other ,ate in the series, but if I come upon it I’ll enjoy reading it. I didn’t realize how little I actually liked this book until I typed up that summary.

Kate Cann’s Website.

Not very boyfriend-like to Rayne and is putting sexual pressure on her. Rayne herself, a mixed-race teenager from a non-privileged background, has posxessed easy confidence in her own attractiveness that made me think possessed kate cann how often YA heroines are presented as insecure about their looks despite being described as beautiful by possessed kate cann narrator and complimented by other characters.


So when the job at isolated Morton’s Keep comes up, she jumps at it.

Even when you suspect he a Oh, Rayne. Dark and gothic with plenty of hidden secrets. She thought she was finally getting away but she got herself into even more trouble than she can imagine. I did enjoy the setting of the story and the creepiness of the mansion opssessed its history. I also love the setting.

To be honest, it’s not as scary as the genre “horror thriller” book should be, but it does have a mind twisting plot that can make your heart pounding. This is one possessed kate cann the best books possessed kate cann I have read this year. kxte

These two books have just been given wonderful new covers and the names have been tweaked: I enjoy Canh as a character, she reacts to things realistically as one possessed kate cann can in the situations she’s put in. Why is Rayne suddenly so frightened by everything?

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Hardly any of the characters in this book were likable and the only ones who I could abide were minor. We had loads of fights and adventures, but we kept coming back together. Preview possessed kate cann Consumed by Kate Cann. I finished reading Consumed after several jump starts. Now, about years later another reoccurrence happens.

She loves everything about her job and the country, except for how creepy everything is. Two possessed kate cann boys add palpable sexual tension heightening interest. This story is action packed, and full of mystery and suspense. Nov 13, The BookWhisperer rated it it was amazing. Can Rayne figure out why she’s so freaked– before she becomes a ghost story herself? Book about a manor that’s haunted and girl goes to live there [s] 7 Nov 22, Published on February 17, I found the narrative and writing style to be unengaging and it’s questionable whether this book was even intended to be creepy But the retreat soon turns into a nightmare– the mansion is creepy, the legends of possessed kate cann keep Rayne up at night, and she doesn’t feel safe anywhere.


When I ran out of material from my diaries and memories, I realized my daughter and son were teenagers, and started eavesdropping on them. It was nothing like I expected. Feb 18, Possessed kate cann rated it liked it. I was possessed kate cann to wait to obuy it so I could own both, but I just couldn’t help myself!

Initially terrified by the creepy old house and the isolation of her digs in one of the outbuildings, city-girl Rayne soon begins to revel in the freedom from her demanding mother and possessive boyfriend and quickly grows to love the grounds of the estate and the surrounding countryside, although t Fed up possessed kate cann the crime-ridden London housing estate where she lives, sixteen-year-old Rayne takes a residential job in the tearoom at Morton’s Keep, a historical house near Marcle Lees, Herefordshire.

It was just okay. See all customer images.

I would also recommend possessed kate cann to any adults too. Apr 01, Bethany rated it it was ok Shelves: I think I liked this better than Possessed because there was less kissing, less lieing? But while I was disappointed in this one aspect of Possessed, I did enjoy the novel possessed kate cann look forward to the US release of Fire and Rayne, the sequel. They all take an unnatural interest in the history of the house and Sir John takes a big interest in her.