29 மார்ச் Soundarya Lahari – Sloka 32 – For ultimate attractive ability. Sanskrit Text: शिवश्शक्तिः कामः क्षितिरथ रविश्शीत किरणः. The Soundarya Lahari (Sanskrit: सौन्दर्यलहरी) meaning “The Wave of Beauty” is a . Soundaryalahari shloka and its translation · Kanchi Mutt Sri Jayendra Swamigal chanting Soundarya Lahari · Why one should chant Soundarya Lahari?. Download File: Telugu/Sri%20Devi/Dr%20Krovi%20Partha%20Sarathy/Soundarya%20Lahari% .

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Oh goddess Is all pervasive, Does good to everyone.

Retrieved 5 January And let all actions of pleasure of mine, Become parts of thine worship. Like the destroying fire of deluge, And you who shine there as Samaya. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: By the tip of his fingers by your father Himavan: Made very thin soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit thine dense colliding breasts.

The fourteen Manus who are tireless and always awake close their eyes. So that your behinds are broad and dense. That you are wearing a rare pearl, Brought out by your breath, Through your left nostril, For your nose soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit a storehouse, Of rarest pearls divine.

To recreate the world, As the world was destroyed in the grand deluge.

Soundarya Lahari

There are many English translations with commentaries on Soundarya Lahari done by various authors. Do die and disappear. Bewitching all others Oh daughter of the mountain, You who is the greatest among soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit.

And hence arises a doubt in me, That you were not soundaryw, By half the body of Shambu that he gave, And occupied all his body.

Resembling the lotus flower stalk, So that he can ask for protection for his remaining four heads. By practice of siddhis like Anima.


Curing of diseases of ears and eye Oh, flower bud, Who is the head gear, Of the king of mountains, Wearing black eye brows above, Resembling the feathers of eagle. In the forest and palaces great.

Vishnu supports soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit the worlds thus created with his thousand heads in the form of adishesha with great effort. Which is in your wheel of Manipuraka, Which as Parashakti shines like the enemy of darkness.

For If joined opposite To the inverted half moon in your crown. Drunk woundarya the eyes by Rathi his wife, After venerating you. Long live your pretty hips, Which look fragile, Which are by nature tiny.

53 Soundarya Lahari – Sloka Mp3 by Dr Krovi Partha Sarathy |

This depicts the Supreme Reality as non-dual but with a distinction between Shiva and Shakti, the power holder and Power, Being and Will. Let all my movements become thine Mudras, Let my travel become perambulations around thee. Perhaps if the red lotus mixes, With the liquid lac adorning, The feet of Lakshmi, Some resemblance can be seen. Holding soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit her hands, A bow of sugar cane, arrows made of flowers, And the noose and goad.

Soundarya Lahari – Wikipedia

Your breasts have not soundarya lahari slokas in sanskrit touched, The holy Henna tree Kuravaka. The lotus flower sleeps at night, But your feet are wakeful night and after night, The lotus ssanskrit the goddess of wealth Lakshmi live in it, But your feet gives Lakshmi to its devotees, And sounvarya your two feet always wins over the lotus, What is so surprising in this? While Shankara was returning after visiting Kailash, Nandi stopped him on the way. To thine two sparkling feet.

Who only enjoy the honey, From the fully open, Lotus flowers of knowledge, And who swim in the lake, Which is the mind of great ones, And also who can never be described.

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