29 Sep ON her 25th wedding anniversary, during a vacation in California, Stephanie Mittman found ”the marriage bed.” In a small antique shop in. Marriage Bed, The – Stephanie Mittman. He lay on the old oak bed in the darkened bedroom listening to the thud, thud, thudding of his heart compete with the. Set on the Williamson Farm in Wisconsin, we are introduced to Olivia and Spencer on their wedding night. Spencer’s life has been beset with tragedy;.

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I loved and admired her for being so loving, so giving, so optimistic- a bit too incredibly so but she got to me.

And I enjoyed his sometimes humorous efforts to win back her affection and love. The marriage bed stephanie mittman 02, Lovehurts38 rated it really liked it. I so hated the H and wished the om had gone the whole way!

And Olivia need never know. Conveniently for him, Olivia has no recollection of anything since the mitgman morning at breakfast. Spencer Williamson had already lost a family in the worst possible way. He stole her heart.

The Marriage Bed by Stephanie Mittman – FictionDB

He’d been gentle, slow, giving her time to get over the initial pain before setting up a rhythm between them. Random House Publishing Group- Fiction – pages. One thing that bothered me was the naivety of the heroine and her friends. I’ve DNF’d many books because I didn’t have the patience to sit at my laptop. The hero is a pity partying schmuck; the the marriage bed stephanie mittman is soooo much in love and is duped by the jackass.

Jul 30, Dana-Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: The Marriage Bed By: Done not so right, and it comes off as homespun and hokey. Man of your dreams settles for you, and you sign on for a life of drudgery, farm chores and shitty sex.

That you have no purpose on earth? He knew all that and let her suffer and be pitied by the whole town while she idolized him for never rebuking her for being barren. Maple Stand, WisconsinUnited States. Mar 17, Rogetwhi rated it liked it.

With no small amount steephanie regret, he conceded as much. View on the Mobile Site. Read this on open library in my browser – my least favorite way to read a novel.

A mess of which, thank the good Lord, she seemed blissfully unaware. I don’t know,” he choked out, choosing to lie rather than admit to her that there was no chance of it.

Why drop it in if the marriage bed stephanie mittman aren’t going to use it? Without a doubt the worst I have ever seen. He made himself imagine Kirsten standing beside the bed, watching him kiss another woman’s breasts, sweat muttman another woman’s legs, and tried to be ashamed that he had nearly enjoyed himself.

There was no tenderness while he was married. Dec 21, Lyuda rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 30, Noelle rated it really liked it Shelves: The three children the heroine brings into the home act like children who have been through trauma act: The marriage bed stephanie mittman never This was an angst fest – more or less the whole way.

What sets this story apart: And he would never lose another woman he loved, because, quite simply, he would never love another woman. First of all, the cover photo is hilarious because the hero is actually an older man with a bit of a belly on him.

The Marriage Bed

Olivia has been a friend and neighbor to him throughout his life and she has been in love with Spencer for as long as she can remember. Aug 28, Tia rated it really liked it. He should have on his knees — bare kneed on a hard floor- for msrriage years at least to be forgiven. What Readers Are The marriage bed stephanie mittman What do you stpehanie Thanks for telling us about the problem.

All covered with blood so the 10yr old can find her.