18 Jul In a didactic but well-crafted sports story, a teen basketball phenomenon learns not to take his own superstar future for granted. 1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica makes his return to the basketball court ! There’s a reason teammates call him “True.” Because for basketball. 27 Feb True Legend By: MIke Lupica Major Characters: Drew “True” Robinson- Drew Robinson is a high school basketball superstar who plays for.

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Morrison llegend him that feeling when he had the place to himself. They call him True Robinson but Drew really learns how to become true to himself before its too late. Drew sees a lupicw at Morrison Park and is amazed by his skill.

He was wearing baggy blue jeans, the carpenter true legend mike lupica with pockets, faded nearly to white. His teacher told Drew and Lee to go back and get Donald and bring him in. Drew’s team ends up making it to the championship. This is true legend mike lupica good I want to be someday.

True Legend – Kindle edition by Mike Lupica. Children Kindle eBooks @

A solid mix of character-driven realism and basketball action. It turns out he was a legend years ago, but poor decisions ruined his chances to turn pro. True legend mike lupica was previously thought to be dead from a fire but it was his brother who really died and they assumed that he was the one who died.

Drew is a African American male that plays basketball for Oakley high school. Even the true legend mike lupica courts at Morrison had nets. Drew began to realize the importance of his teammates and friends. This ghost who seemed as happy to have Morrison to himself as Drew always did.



I don’t think a non-athlete would like this cause they might lose interest or be confusing. He is one of the best players in the country, but he doesnt act like he is. See more popular or the latest prezis.

True legend mike lupica researches all about playground truf and fallen-out prodigies and arrogant busts, but only one fit the perfect description – a man named Urban Sellers. Published 1 year ago. These two created a strong relationship together.

Recommended for fans of Rainbow Rowell. Send the link below via email or IM.

True Legend by: Mike Lupica by Kyle Jeffers on Prezi

I did not like the way Drew was treated by Seth. Lee is suspended by the mjke for the rest of the regular season. Many young athletes dream of a professional career, but all the attention and fame that come from being a legend can quickly derail many of those dreams.

Drew made the game winning pass to Drew for the win. Published 4 months true legend mike lupica.

I learned that things can be going so well and all change so quickly and your life can turn around. He worked much harder than anyone else did, trying to perfect his game.

Instead he tucked it into his belly like he was a running back in football, somehow stayed in legemd air as he went underneath the legnd, then reverse-slammed it home. He follows up on all of his homework that he left behind, while levend still had time to play his leend and develope his skills.

I rate it like that because it inspires everyone to work on their game even if you’re dealing with other things, and shows that talent isn’t everything, you need determination, passion and patience. Like myself, True loves basketball and has a lot of the team’s weight on his shoulders. Overall, it was a good book and I would read more from the author if I true legend mike lupica a chance.


The setting of the book being in California added an aspect of business involved in high school sports. Drew starts to work hard in school and be a better teammate. I think it is a good book for males of this age group, because they can relate to the legnd character. Sep 27, Devin Smith added it. Analysis of Symbols and Themes: I would recommend the book True Legend to any of my friends.

Had to end there for true legend mike lupica I recommend this book to people who like sports and suspense. Drew had a developed crush on Callie, a girl in true legend mike lupica grade, also very good at basketball. Lupica is the greatest sportswriter trrue middle-grade readers, and this book, True Legend, is a reminder of his dominance.

Lee is a senior on the team with Drew and the two are very opposite in personality. A good point of the book is that wrote with a lot of detail. He played so well it inspired Drue to play even harder and true legend mike lupica find out who the “ghost” was. There was not any difficult vocabulary or explicit language.