4 Feb This is the Twelve Pillars Summary by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener. A great book on the keys to living an extraordinary life. Summary and. Simple in nature, yet profound in impact, Twelve Pillars is truly a must have for As Jim Rohn and Chris Widener’s first collaborative project, Twelve Pillars is a. 4 Dec I can’t put this book down! I’m such a Jim Rohn fan and this is one of his great works. Easy to read and meaningful. The principles will set you.

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Quite simply, you twelve pillars jim rohn be able to place every person you know twelve pillars jim rohn one of three categories; Disassociation, limited association or expanded association. What have they got me reading?

Dohn was given this as a gift, and it was such an unexpected, gracious gesture that I was compelled to him it simply to let the person know I had in fact taken the time to read it.

Not every relationship you have in your life is one worth hanging onto. It guides you through 12 pillars of life masteryand through the curiosity that the story cretes about knowing more and unleash the following pllar, it is the kind of book you might want to read in one night. One of the simple ways to cultivate your relationships pilpars just to spend tweelve time with the most important people in your life. Communication is a collaborative activity, not a competitive one.

Email required Address never made public. If you are a fan of Jim’s wisdom, you will thoroughly appreciate and enjoy this book.

They’re all connected and growth in one can’t help but encourage growth in the others. Income seldom exceeds twelv development. The principles laid out are very good and are presented in easily-understandable, applicable ways.


Feb 19, Jermaine Twelve pillars jim rohn rated it really liked it. You must learn how to associate with the people that already have what iim want or who you would like to become like and disassociate from people who are holding you back. Please share this book summary with someone twrlve you think could you use it. As Grant Cardone puts it in 10X “You either go after your own goals and dreams or you are used as a resource for someone else’s.

To complete your subscription, please click the link in the email we just sent you, and we’ll be sending you weekly goodies – direct twelve pillars jim rohn your inbox. Jan 08, Kellylr rated it it was amazing. The ending is very emotional. To influence others, they have to view you as someone who has value that can be added twelve pillars jim rohn them, as well as be someone who honors their word and is who they say jjm are.

Mar 05, Relleasy Harrison rated it it was amazing.

Mar 16, Brian rated it really liked it. The man asked if he could help him. A lot of pilllars spend their time communicating to convince the other person twelve pillars jim rohn their way of thinking, instead look for areas that you agree on, and then build from that. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to twelve pillars jim rohn. By the time the 12th Pillar was discussed the owner of the house unfortunately had passed away. This is an interesting concept.

Look at it this way — You can tug-o-war for inches, or you can pull in the same direction and gain miles.

Twelve Pillars – Actionable Books

You are commenting using your WordPress. It is what you learn along the way so that you are constantly improving and growing. Peer acceptance and approval are inherent needs. You do not have to ignore your friends but you may have to spend a little less time twelve pillars jim rohn them.


You will be as happy as the five closest people around you are. For those looking twelve pillars jim rohn an entry point into the realm of personal development books, I can think of few better starting points than this. The title caught my eye because I’d heard my parents mentioning it a while back.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your mind then gets to work on achieving them. Clearly demonstrate the fundamentals of Leaving a Happy and Successful Life!

This twelve pillars jim rohn a great book to share with someone you are teaching, ron, or desire to help get them a start on improving themselves. The first steps take a lot of time, energy and sheer determination.

Long rated it it was amazing. Here are the twelve pillars that Charlie learned. You cannot give that which you do not possess. I’m going to read it a second time now and take notes!

Most of life is lived after your formal education. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The book is easy to read, second grade level, so you can finish it twelve pillars jim rohn one sitting.

Make the most of relationships.

Jim Rohn Twelve Pillars Summary and Footnotes

Everything you do in life involves other people. We are being sold to all the time with TV, radio, books, magazines, internet, billboards, leaflets etc. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Probably useful if you get into it.