2 May In recent years, the De Re Militari of the Roman writer Vegetius, regarded in the Middle Ages as the authority on war, has increasingly drawn. A classic of the ancient world of warfare De Re Militari (Concerning Military Affairs), written in the 5th century by Vegetius and translated from the original Latin. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Essential.” Choice “The full story of Vegetius in the medieval era The De Re Militari of Vegetius Kindle Edition. by Christopher.

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And the troops, though not inclined to fight, pretend to be angry at not being led against the enemy. The second book, Secundus liber ueteris militiae continet morem, ad quem pedestris institui possit vegetius de re militaricontains traditional military practices with which infantry can be created. Scipio Africanus, before his battle with the Numantines, who had made a Roman army ignominiously pass under the yoke, thought he could have no likelihood of success except by mingling a number of select vegetius de re militari with every century.

They had wooden horses for that purpose placed in winter under cover and in summer in the field. It was vegetius de re militari published in English by Caxton, from an English manuscript copy, in Click here to skip to this page’s main content. Men thus trained are never at a loss amidst the greatest confusion of numbers. To pretend to enumerate the different nations so formidable of old, all which now are subject to the Romans, would be tedious.

The field music is described and is an ornamental progenitor of that in use in United States.

This cohort has the care of the eagle, the chief ensign in the Roman armies and the standard of the whole legion, as well as of the images of the emperors which are always considered as sacred. But they are of little dee to us in this respect, as they vegetius de re militari relate the exploits and events of wars, and take no notice of the objects of our present enquiries, which they considered mi,itari universally known.



The work is known by a number of variant vegetius de re militari. For it is certain that the less a man is acquainted with the sweets of life, the less reason he has to be afraid of death. The first thing the soldiers are to be taught is the military step, which can only be acquired kilitari constant practice of marching quick vegetius de re militari together. For it is certain a man will fight with greater courage and confidence when he finds himself properly armed for defense.

By these means we may get intelligence of their present or future designs. But in a woody, mountainous or marshy situation, the danger to be apprehended is from foot. There vegetus no difficulty in carrying on the fortifications of a camp when no enemy is in sight. Delpech, La Tactique au 13me Siecte, Paris,gives the best account of the influence of Vegetius on European military thought.

De re militari | Open Library

On him the chief command devolved in the absence of the lieutenant. The ordinarii, the other officers and the soldiers of the first line, ranged before vegetius de re militari round the ensigns, were called the principes.

The legion owed its success, according to Vegetius, to its arms and its machines, as well as to the bravery of its soldiers. They had shields, cuirasses, helmets, greaves, swords, daggers, loaded javelins, and two vrgetius the common missile weapons.

The chief strength of our armies, then, should be recruited from the country. This money was contained in ten bags, one for each cohort. The Augustales were added by Augustus to the Vegetius de re militari and the Flaviales were appointed by Flavius Vespasian to double the number of the Augustales.

By this neglect our forces have been often surprised by day and night by the enemy’s cavalry and suffered very severe losses. If it rained or snowed, vegetius de re militari performed under cover; and ill fine weather, in the field. The truth of this is confirmed by the instance of Quintius Cincinnatus, who was following the plow when they came to offer him the dictatorship. Campaign history Wars and battles. It is universally known the ancients employed slingers vegetius de re militari all their engagements.


Those who fought in the first line of their respective legions were called principes, in the second hastati, and in third triarii. It is asserted by those who have made the profession their study that an army is exposed to more danger on marches than in battles. Nothing does so much honor to the abilities or application of the tribune as the appearance and discipline of the soldiers, when their apparel is neat and clean, their arms bright and in good order and when they perform their exercises and evolutions with dexterity.

Must read if interested in strategy.

They should vegetius de re militari with the common military step twenty miles in five summer-hours, and with the full militarri, vegetius de re militari is quicker, twenty-four miles in the same number of hours.

Did not the Macedonians and Thessalians, after conquering the Persians, penetrate even into India? The name of the work miligari a number of variants, including Epitoma Rei Militarisbut there are other problems with accepting it at face value as the verbatim work of Vegetius. But this essential custom has vegetiua abolished by the relaxation introduced by a long peace. Stones kill without mangling the body, and the contusion is mortal without loss of blood.

This rating was conferred because of my interest in the topic and the books ability to answer questions which I had previously.

This book is your ultimate secret weapon! Recruits were to be hardened so vegetius de re militari to be able to march twenty miles in half a summer’s day at ordinary step and twenty-four miles at quick step. He is also prompted thereto by interest, the most prevailing consideration among men.