A site about ziaraat of Muslim religious sites with details, pictures, nohas, majalis and qasidas. Imam Husain – Ziyarat-e-Ashura is a sacred tradition (Hadees-e-Qudsi) whose references can be found in Misbah al-Mutahajjid by Shaykh al-Tusi and Kamil. Ziarat Ashura – English Transliteration A’LAA JAMI’E AHLIL ISLAAME WA JALLAT WA A’ZOMAT MOSEEBATOKA FIS SAMAAWAATE A’LAA JAMEE-E’ AHLIS.

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So, I beseech Allah Who has endued me with the zjarat of recognizing you. Particularly curse the first tyrant, a curse from me, and s the first curse with him and then send the curse on the second and the third and then the forth tyrant. I beseech Him that he helps me to reach your highly praised station, given to you by Allah, to meet ziaragthat He provides me the opportunity to fight for justice and fairplay along with and under the leadership of the rightly guided guide in your progeny who surely will come and speak the truth.

Crimes committed against you also shocked and unnerved the dwellers of the heavens, one and all. Expos’e on Ziarat Ashura. May Ziarag condemn and damn Umar son of Saad. Make me at this moment, one who receives from You prayers, mercy and forgiveness.

Retrieved from ” https: And I ask Him Allah that He enables me to reach to the honoured station with you in the presence of Allah and that He grant me the ability to seek the ziaraf of you with the rightly guided Imam from you, who shall surely come and speak the truth. O my Allah, bring me to ashjra again, after death, in the place Mohammad and his “Aal” children are dwelling, and make me depart from this world like Mohammad and his “Aal” children had left, O my Allah this day is a day of rejoicing for the “Bani Umayyah”, the herd of hardened criminals, the eternally damned and accursed group, a fact that had been made public by You and by Your Prophet blessings of Allah be on him and on his childrenwho, in every place and at all occasions, drew attention of people to this truism.


View this page in our Ashurz. I also beseech Allah in your names. Then go is Sajdah and say: The following commentaries are available: Upon you and upon all of those who were killed is the Salam of Allah from me for eternity, as long as the night and the day remain. O my Allah condemn and damn those conspirators who vexed and harassed Husayn, showed eagerness, agreed mutually, ziadat joined hands to kill him. May Allah curse the people who drove you away from your position.

Peace be upon you and upon the souls that resided in your courtyard. Articles containing Persian-language text Articles containing Arabic-language text Articles with Arabic-language external links Articles with Persian-language external links. May Allah curse the people who slew you. Peace be upon you, O son of the Commander of the Faithful. I am at peace with those who make peace with you and I am at war with those who make war with you until the Day of Judgment.

Then go in Sajdah prostration and say: I turn to you and Allah, away from ashurw, their henchmen, their followers and their friends. Zizrat be on you, O son of Fatimah, the choicest among the women of the worlds!

Arabic & English Text of Ziyarat ‘Ashura

May Allah curse those who paved the way for them to do so. O Allah, please make me illustrious in Your sight. O my Allah, let the curse I call down on the head of the first tyrant stick like a leech; and stay put for ever on the first, then the second, the third and the fourth.

Surely my sorrow for you is great and I pray to Allah who has honoured your status and has also honoured azhura through you that He grant me the opportunity to seek your revenge with the victorious Imam from the family of Muhammad. May Allah also curse Shimr.

O my Allah, I seek nearness ashuura You today in this frame of mind, cutting off all links with them for the rest of my life, denouncing them because of my love for Your Prophet and his children, peace be on him and them. To you belongs the praise, the praise of those who are thankful to You for their tribulations.


Ziyarat Ashura – Wikipedia

You will be also raised one hundred million ranks to join the rank of those who were martyred with him i. All Praise belongs to Allah for my intense grief. All praise is for You alone ; praise of the “Ever-thankful to You”, who glorify You whatever come to pass. Surely I am at peace with those who are at peace with you and I am at war with those who are at war with you and I am a friends to those who are friends to you and I am an enemy to those who are enemies to you.

All praise is ziaray Allah for my deep-felt intense grief.

Peace of Allah be upon all of you from me forever. O my Allah, let the curse I call down on the head of the first tyrant stick like a leech; and stay put for ever on the first, then the second, the third and the fourth. So, may Allah curse the people who laid the basis of persecution and wronging against you, O Members of the Household.

Family tree Battle of Karbala.

Ziarat Ashura Ghair maroof. O my Allah, therefore, double up the curse You bring upon them and also the punishment You decree for them. O my Allah bring curse upon all of them. In the presence of Allah and you all do I repudiate these. Then again say times: I am verily at peace with awhura who have been at peace with you. He may then offer another two-unit prayer afterwards.

Peace of Allah be upon him and upon his household. Peace be upon you and also upon those souls who accompanied you to your annihilation.